Biden blunders reading the teleprompter word for word, not realizing that he is reading the notes to him. And Harris isn’t any better unable to make any sense in any of her statements. The public appearances of the administration is not indicative of the leaders of a free world. It is a very laughable situation but also scary.

We have parents searching for baby formula and we have a President that can’t read a teleprompter.

We talk about who’s running the White House. There is a ghost White House down the street and the charade here with Joe.

Sri Lanka is an Asian island in the south Pacific. And they are not happy that their government has watched them hungry and broke going without and they are living the high life off their backs and continue to borrow money. The president of Sri Lanka flees the country and the citizens enter the President residence and swim in the pool. Official estimate of Sri Lanka owes $64.9 billion, $8 billion owed to China. Sri Lanka debt to GBP is 75% with 95.4% going towards debt repayment.

There is rumbling around the world with the manipulations of the globalists. Zelensky is blackmailing our president with the 3 calls a week, with another aid package to be sent to Ukraine. The white house staff is going around the room to make sure there aren’t any trip hazards for the president as he walks around the room. We have the uprising of the Dutch farmers protesting the pollution regulations. The truckers in Canada is another example.

The January 6 fiasco is to scare the American people into submission and that you stand down with the FBI raids on patriots.