The recruitment for police officers and military alike is down due to the treatment of the veterans and police officers on the streets. The Army has cut benefits and pay for 40K national guard and 22K reservists for not getting the vaccination for COVID. This affects 13% of the national guard and 12% of reservists when our military is having difficulty replacing personnel. We have seen an all time low for enrollment in military, emergency response, police, fire department, etc.

The leadership of the United States is lacking with the Vice President and President when they can’t even give a heartfelt speech, only yelling and bullying. The anger and bullying when the president said equity would be his number one policy and it is bullying. The democrats only know how to blame others for their lack of leadership, now instead of Putin it is the Republican party. He accuses the Republicans for not having a plan for fighting inflation.

The far left is telling Biden he needs to vote on the abortion on demand as if his life depending on it. As Biden announces for congress to codify Roe so he can sign it. The AG is a part of the efforts. HHS is a part of the efforts.

The millions that have crossed the border is an unprecedented number as a steady flow of immigrants that cross the border. We have had 3 million cross the border since Biden took office. What will 4 years look like?

Mexico says they have uncovered a huge amount of fentanyl that was ready to come over the border, over 1200 pounds.