As the President Joe Biden heads to the middle east, the Biden “allies” are releasing a new hashtag campaign, #DontRunJoe. The other shoe that will drop soon will be the Hunter Biden scandal. There are links to connect Biden to Hunter to China, while he sells our oil reserves to China.

Now that we see more and more from Gavin Newsom as he is eyeing the democrat presidential ticket. Even Stacey Abrams has her eyes on the White House.

History shows that according to the approval ratings of the president, the lower the poll numbers for the president the better for the opposition in upcoming elections. It is promising for the take over of the House and hope to take the Senate.

It should be Georgians that decide the next governor and not George Soros.

The other area that the left is focused on is the importance of the governors in the states. They are realizing that the SCOTUS is giving the rights back to the states. We will see more funds and liberal voters being poured into our state, as the democrats are eyeing GA.

The Hispanic community wants safety and protection from the drug cartels not to be compared to a breakfast taco. The statements by Jill Biden were degrading to the Hispanic community.