Americans aren’t sitting waiting on the government. We are helping one another by posting found supplies to share information for baby formula.

Fluoride is being removed from tap water in some cities. You may want to check to ensure there is fluoride in the water, if it is important to you.

There are supplies for the vehicles that are being impacted with the supply chain issues.

Why is it so hard to obtain the information on the contents of the ships that are sitting offshore waiting to be unloaded at our ports up and down the east and west coast.

These policies aren’t just affecting ultra conservatives, it is affecting everyone. We continue to hear nothing about the plan to resolve the issues, unless it is about equity and political theater.

DeSantis has just signed a bill to combat voter fraud, clean voter rolls, ballot harvesting is now a 3rd degree felony, Zucker Bucks are officially banned, and changes to mail in ballot id requirements.

GOP is to take 225 House seats in November, 218 is the majority. But this will not happen if we don’t elect good solid conservatives to represent us in DC. All conservatives must go to the polls and cast their vote to ensure a conservative take over. We must have a majority in the House and Senate to stop the damage from the Biden administration.