Pat Cipollone went on Friday of last week. What they want you to believe. The Jan 6 committee hired a producer. Next Thursday they will do another primetime special. Everywhere this morning bombshell testimony, but nowhere is Cipollone testimony is bombshell.

They had Cassidy Hutchinson bombshell testimony and Liz Chaney invites Cipollone on camera. And Cipollone goes behind closed doors so they can clip and piece together the way they want. Liz Chaney knows that Cipollone is going to testify before Cassidy testifies. They never intend on Steve Bannon testifying.

They have a plan and walk methodically through it. This is a made for tv movie and only one objective for Trump to NEVER be president again.

Oath keeper guy gives a passionate plea to the American people for Donald Trump to never be president again. And he left when the tweet from Trump came out to go home.

Matt Bracken invited people to the rally, Alex Jones invited people. Tim pool invited people to the capitol. Trump tweeted on Dec 19, the invite to the capitol that “it will be wild”. The website invites people to DC on Jan 6.

The committee is trying to show it was planned. They are picking and choosing the exhibits. Ignoring the protest all around the country, where bricks and sticks were pre-delivered. T Shirts preprinted. Buses taking people across america. The shields are supplied and umbrellas are supplied. All ready to go. If you start looking at nasty social media calling for Trump to be hung. His head was cut off. Evil means darkness on social media. The showing of Jan 6 is nowhere equal to the evil that is going on in the country.

Jamie Raskin said Trump’s tweet was a call to arms. The unhinged oval office meeting and Pat Cipolone came running in to tell them to stop the plan. The deep state will not leave the President alone. Mr Ayres goes to the Capitol on Jan 6 he goes in and looks around. Trump tweets he leaves. Since Jan 6, the FBI, DOJ goes and ruin his life and he is jailed. Was he offered to drop the charges if he goes in front of the country saying Trump’s tweet calls him to the capitol and trump’s tweet tells him to go home.

Ashley Babbitt was killed on the day of Jan 6 in the capitol without recognition. George Floyd is killed, a thug, drug addict gets a statue and a law, the policing act.

Let’s say that 500K people went to DC on Jan 6. After Trumps speech 495K went home. While 5K stormed the capitol and a few hundred went in. The Jan 6 select committee making a big deal out of nothing.

The Capitol employees were able to get the people out and sweep up the broken glass so Congress could finish the business of the day. The business of the day was to collect the electoral college vote and certifiy the election. With all they claimed happened that day, they were still able to move forward with business of the day. It’s all about Donald Trump never being president again. If they are all Trump supporters coming to Jan 6, are they switching allegiance? Who are they switching too? PENCE.

Pence came to campaign the night before the election in GA. Mike Pence is slowly moving back into politics. Every time Mike Pence talks, he boasts about the accomplishments of the administration. Are all these Trump supporters are the people that will be the rational reason why American people should move over to Mike Pence. There aren’t any coincidences that Pence was in GA before the election. Pat Cipolone was the guy that defended Trump during the impeachment, now he defends Pence for his “courageous job” on Jan 6 and says he deserves the Medal of Freedom. Wait for the commercials.