Pickens County GOP wants to recount the ballots in 2 races from the may 24th primary. They want to unseal the ballots to count. Who made the sealing of the ballot holy? Who convinced you and the people out there the ballots are sealed. These ballots have no names, it can’t be traced back to anyone. But for some reason as soon as they are sealed, it is like a holy ceremony to look at them in the box.

Sri Lanka people are upset over the cost of food, fuel and housing and their debit is insurmountable.

Iran is preparing to supply Russia with weapons capable drones. Reported by Jake Sullivan. And why would you believe anything he says? Jake Sullivan is the guy that went out to sell to the media to get the narrative running that Trump had a back end server to Alpha Bank and was compromised by the Russians. Why would you believe anything that Jake Sullivan comes to the podium and says.

There are major problems in Europe. Winter is coming and Europe is in trouble and Zelensky doesn’t care. And every day when it’s needed Russia does something new to Ukraine. Zelensky doesn’t care about the people with winter coming as long as Biden sends him money. The US sends another $1.7 b to Ukraine for humanitarian aid purposes for the pay to hospital workers. Where are the checks and balances over there, with all our money going over there. Why does Biden keep sending money to Ukraine? For some reason when biden has to send money something gets bombed.

The world braces for Europe July 22 Doomsday. Nord Stream 1 is moving product from point A to B, A being Russia, B being Europe. It was shut down for maintenance and they had to send a turbine to Canada for maintenance. Trump told Germany you have a problem and you need to solve it before Putin goes to Ukraine. On July 22, the gas is supposed to come back up. Ukraine is suing Canada to stop the repair on the turbine.

Hunter Biden could face prostitution charges for transporting hookers across state lines and disquising checks as payments for medical services. Hunter spent $30K in five months on ‘girlfriend experience’.

Remember Zelensky calls Biden 3 times a week. Who is sending money as fast as Zelensky calls for it. You would think that Zelensky is Joe Biden’s son and is paying for his hookers.