The president of Sri Lanka has fled the country. The Prime Minister is in charge, the people don’t like him either. The people are upset about the lack of food, fuel and housing and the enormous debt.

We have a major problem with law enforcement dropping the ball but their hands are tied on school properties like Uvalde. Law enforcement knew someone was in the building. And shots are fired inside. And the video shows them running away.

DOJ establish task force to protect abortion access. They found judges all across the United States. SCOTUS did not make abortion illegal, just that is not a constitutional right. Louisiana judge blocks abortion law. Congress tees up bill to protect travel for abortion.

No evidence the border patrol agents whipped haitian migrants, and the Mexican cartel arrested for trafficking drugs only 1 day in jail.

Home buyers were canceling deals at the start of the pandemic. Now they are canceling the deals for different reasons. Higher mortgage rates and surging inflation are causing many potential homebuyers to reconsider.

Last night BKP went to pickens co gop meeting. They have a member that has standing to open the ballots and do an audit of the republican side for the governor race and secretary of state race. Last month they got fired up. And Rick Jaspers made some comments last month.

Griner may not want to come back to the US. BKP says stay.