Inflation: breaking it down and what it is costing americans. The biden administration does not know how the economy works. How the economic engines turn what their policies do to take a toll on American people. This is 100% Biden’s inflation. Energy food housing prices surge to new peak.

Live appearances by BKP at the Liberty Tea Party meeting on August 3, Fannin Co GOP August 15.

BKP has warned about the next Build Back Better bill. Where you’re in America is progressives rescuing america. Hope this is not what rescue and what build back better looks like. If the media can help run the narrative they want and they can get it to work. The reason we are right here is because reconciliation is there. If they can get rid of reconciliation to spend more money to lower inflation. They are bringing gas down to give you the illusion that things are getting better. But they have to get rid of reconciliation. Brian Deese, National Economic Council Director said on Wednesday that the US can address high inflation with more spending. Keep home builders building. We need to build more semiconductors. We need more government involvement and need to print more money. Democrats push reconciliation bill to fight inflation. We can’t have a bill that spends all this money and lie to the American people saying it will stop inflation.

We aren’t looking at free market policies running the economy. We are looking at the Fed turning on and off the economy as they see fit. They operate independently of the American people and manipulate and run our daily lives.

The increase in property taxes as commissioners are sending out letters ahead of the appraisals to warn homeowners of the increases. It is happening all over, we have shown Union, Pickens, now Whitfield. It is a full explanation. In the last 12 years BKP has never seen this before until now. Property taxes are going through the roof. Assessments are going through the roof. If you have a mortgage, your property tax goes in escrow every month. You pay each month for your property tax and the mortgage company will pay your bill. Mortgage companies get a directive from the tax assessor’s office to determine the new rate. So when you see your new bill and it has gone up it is the property taxes.