As the Joe Biden stories wit Hunter Biden. Joe made a decision to release oil from the strategic oil reserves as he sold oil to China where Hunter was attached and now we have gas prices going down.

Hungary declares an energy emergency over the threat of shortages.

Russia sent a turbine to Canada, Zelensky is sue Canada to not sent it back to Russia. With Winter coming.

There is no way that the democrats should be anywhere close. And the MSM is telling you that the races are tightening.

In the House the republicans should easily take over but might be 50/50 or close majority of the Senate. The democrats think they can take GA, PA, OH, AZ. Herschel Walker is a good man. Warnock is a phony fake minister, he is evil with a nice smile. Evil could convince people of doing wrong, and doing wrong, under the guise of nice. Herschel walker is not his best in front of people. Herschel Walker is ready to debate. They want you to believe that there are people that will vote for Kemp for governor but for senator they will vote for warnock, because he is calm and has a grasp of the issues.

Any of you think that come November it will be a slam dunk. We have a lot of work ahead of us.