House democrat campaign arm raises $41m in last quarter with mass shootings helping them get ahead of GOP fundraisers in June as Raphael Warnock nearly triples Herschel Walker with his own $17m haul.

Around the world they know that Biden is in a mental decline. We are not sure who he is being replaced with yet. Who has the nuclear codes? They are trying to set the narrative. In the pictures to show that Biden knows what he is doing. The Video shows a different story. He is directed where to stand and is gathered around with numerous “directors”. Biden just reads what is on the teleprompter. The world knows he has checked out. BKP is unsure if he could be held accountable to Hunter’s dealings because Joe doesn’t know anymore.

If we take over the house and the republicans on day one don’t have a plan to look into the investigation of the Biden family crime, we have a bigger problem.