We need to know that the media is complicit with the manipulation of the stolen election. Analyzing if a President came on TV to tell people to go home is irrelevant to the $6000 the American people are losing with the inflation.

The lashes out about going across state lines and sets up a task force at the DOJ to keep an eye on any state that wants to implement a law or prosecute a worman for crossing state lines for an abortion. The AG of Ohio says they can’t find anything on this. Now understand there should be a lot of documentation on the rape of a 10 year old. Who did she tell? Did she go to the authorities? Did they do a blood test? Can they have an abortion? No, the girl is 3 days over??? Whoever is putting the information in the teleprompter, where did they get the information, who is their source? After Biden made this claim, why didn’t they share all the information? Where are all the details within minutes of the claim, not days.

What mechanism can the mainstream media use to move the agenda forward? It is the abortion. The networks are running segments daily on the abortion developments. Today is the pharmacies can’t deny filling medication to terminate pregnancies, SC ban challaenged, and 10 yo abortion (not rape). They seem to miss the fact that it is an illegal alien that raped the little girl.