People are taking a vacation despite the inflation jump from 1.4 % under Trump to 9.1% under Biden. It is as if your employer gave you a paycut. 99% of Americans agree that Biden’s policies are awful. The Biden administration is an embarrassment to our country.

This administration looks the other way on issues that don’t fit into their agenda. You wonder about the behind the scenes of the administration, with the slow recognition of the Biden Scandal. The Biden administration turns their heads away from the violence that continues to rise, the immigration humanitarian crisis at the border, the pain at the pump/grocery store/interest rates/property taxes, and the list grows by the day.

The democrats say they are the party for the poorest among us, the minorities and the economy and inflation is hurting those the most. We are all tired of hearing of the typical politician and are looking for leaders that are in connection with the everyday people. We need more Republican leaders to come out.

The democrats are spending millions of dollars to make sure you get to the polls and promise you pipe dreams. We must come together and get out the vote. It is ours to lose.

When the Republicans take back the house and senate we have the right leaders in place to relieve the American citizens from the pains of this economy. We have a great deal of our county that thinks it is ok for the government to tell them what to do. For those who are wanting someone to take care of them, America is not for you. America is the land of the free and hard working people.