The complicit media is not telling the truth and the whole truth. Case in point, the 10 year old was pregnant and had to go to Indiana to get abortion. You never heard about the rapist at first. The AG couldn’t find any data. Then we find out that the Guatemalan was the rapist. The narrative was that the abortion couldn’t happen in OH and had to go across state lines. Not about the rape of a 10 year old girl. Now the girl is in the media.

The list of things that the media has covered up:  What the scotus did was unconstitutional – they gave the laws back to the states; 2020 election didn’t have any fraud, no laws were violated, and zukerbucks, and soros money; Cdc based everything on science – no evidence that masks worked, plexiglass, the vaccine, 6 feet apart. Where is the coverage when fauci said these vaccines don’t work.

Fossil fuels affecting climate – it is based on computer algorithm models that have been manipulated to show the results they want.

The laptop being russian misinformation

MSM is actually reporting the semi truth about Biden. Joene says that the reporters have a conscience, the reason they are starting to tell the truth.

It is questionable if people understand how important it is to retake the house and senate and the importance of the super majority. The inflation 9.1% is a 12 month comparison. They were comparing Trump’s numbers. We are now in the period of the higher numbers last year and then stack these numbers on top. It is actually larger than 9.1%, the Producer price index is 11.1% more, and manufacturers are paying 11.1% more to make the stuff. Back in the 80s the interest rates were late to rise to defeat the inflation. In the 80s the great inflation was caused by rising oil prices, government spending, and rise in wages. We are in the same place. The Fed has started to raise the interest rates, sooner than in the 1980s. The cost to borrow money will stop the borrowing. If they quit borrowing and the companies start laying off people.

They didn’t miss the boat, they knew it was happening. The administration has caused this and it is hurting a bulk of our society, the ones that can’t afford it the most. The percentages of home purchase contracts are being cancelled. 15%. There are higher delinquent credit payments.

The American people know when we are at that point. Business owners know when it hits. We don’t have to wait on the government.

Florida congressmen Brook Donalds, he spoke before Congress what they are doing to the people, especially black people. If the administration thinks that the black population thinks they have the back of the democrats they are sorely wrong.

Sending money to Ukraine and selling oil to a company that Hunter owns a stake in. there isn’t a special council. Donald Trump made one phone call to Ukraine to look into the Biden scandal and he was impeached. And hunter and joe was over there and sending money to ukraine and nothing.

The media is laying the groundwork to get rid of Biden, when they actually come out and say that Joe was compromised and doesn’t remember anything. They have set the stage for him to claim he didn’t know anything about it so he can’t be charged.

Newsom is the new darling of the democrats. They have already set the state of newsom and desantis. Who was newsom meeting with for his trip to the white house while joe was overseas. The sticking point is how to jump over Kamala. She keeps saying she will run as long as Biden runs. She will resign before they are ready to get rid of Biden.

Trump wants to run, but it could be another “anything but trump” force. Desantis has a clean slate and he is young and he has the positions to get things done.

Durham is asking for 30 subpoenas in the Igor Danchenko he was the one that was feeding the misformation to the Steele Dossier.

The media is trying to manipulate the 2022 election. The Inflation numbers will go down closer to the election. Ordinary people, the most recent memory was that everything wasn’t this bad under Trump. Not all Americans are paying attention to Desantis. People are saying under Trump people are saying that our gas was under $2 and the border was secure.

Predictions on who will run in 2024
Mike Pence – BKP
Tom Cotton – Rick
Chris Christie – Joene
Ron DeSantis – Joene
Donald Trump – BKP
Winners and Losers