Does sweetener cause bladder cancer? 46% of cases are preventable, 45% caused by smoking, 6% caused by occupation, 2% caused by radiation. There are several different type of sweetener. Saccharin in 1976 was studying was linked to bladder cancer. The laboratory rats were exposed to saccharin at 10K times more than you would get in your drink. Just like the assault rifle was blamed for the shooting, saccharin was linked to the cancer. So it was removed from the market. The benefit is higher than the theoretical likelihood that it causes cancer. Everything has a warning label, the world is full of overreaching cautions. The sweetener is not likely the cause of the cancer.

Small Cell Lung cancer and had negative scans 3months ago. Now the oncologist wants to do brain radiation. Most cancers begin small with only one spot. With small lung cancer hits multiple places. Surgery is not an option in small cell lung cancer. 50% of small cell lung cancer patients have the cancer land in the brain when it is not detected anywhere else. The chemo doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier, therefore the need for the radiation on the brain to ensure the cancer is eliminated.

Dr. Whaleys tomato sandwich.