Joe Biden goes to Saudi Arabia. Biden stands 6 feet from the crown prince. The Saudi foreign minister says he didn’t hear you accuse. The crown prince of khashoggi’s murder. Is he telling the truth? Biden went to Saudi Arabia. Begging and talking about our standing in the world. The president is expected to leave the region without any concrete commitments from the gulf state on increasing oil production. Biden tells middle east leaders that the US is not going anywhere. China and Russia have a foothold in the middle east. Why didn’t Biden write a letter to ask for more oil? Joe isn’t Trump and oil is going up to $100 a barrel. Trump would have already put their foot down. The world loved Trump, except for the Deep State. When Biden says to the middle east the US isn’t going anywhere. But when you have to tell someone it is counterproductive, a net loss. Biden didn’t have a vision for the trip, and came across as a political coward. The trip did not reset the Saudi US relations. $26 billion nuclear plant in Egypt by Russia. The media don’t have a proud bone in their body to be an American. They work for the deep state, a corrupt media. If Biden has got America back and the only excitement you can get from the media is Macron, Trudeau, Zelenskyy. Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia was a disaster.

They are wanting to hold Putin for humanitarian issues and war crimes. Where is the UN at our southern border?

Close to 400 officers outside the school in Uvalde.