No one is paying attention. They are on vacation, not thinking about November. Now it is like deer season and voting season. You have election month, not day. No one is paying attention. When you see a poll that doesn’t make sense, it is common this early in the election cycle. Politics is an industry. A multi billion dollar industry. There are people that produce political ads that run across the country. There are more people working from sea to shining sea in politics than probably in the manufacturing. They have to have something strung all the time to the media. They throw a bone if things go quiet. Rolling Stone, Trump tells the team he needs to be president again to save himself from criminal probes. If Trump announces before November 4, BKP thinks it is a big problem. Trump against Biden is a slam dunk. If Trump is running against another democrat. He has to do something differently.

There is a slam dunk in the House. The democrats aren’t talking about it. Republicans will have a majority in the House in January. As we get closer to the election, you will hear more from DCCC in the house districts that are close and minimize losses in areas that are going to stun all political circles such as the Mayra Flores election. Hispanics are getting out before it’s too late. Mayra Flores, the first woman Mexican born republican, was a democrat. They are getting the message now unlike our black friends. Black American voters are moving republican but a good portion are sadly stuck. The democrats put them in public housing and in the position they are in they are in now. There are a couple of house districts that will be monumental.

The senate on the other hand. The senate is not a lock. If republicans take the house and the senate we do stop the crazy. We have to quit relying on Joe Manchin a democrat, to save republicans from Joe Biden. The only way to do it is to take over the senate in a majority way where Mitt Romney and Susan Collins are irrelevant.

Democrats at war: Bernie Sanders accuses Joe Manchin of intentionally sabotaging Biden’s agenda. Bernie Sanders is angry. Republicans can’t raise funds. The key states, GA, PA, OH, AZ. there will be a fight over the senate. That is their hope. The senate appoints judicial seats. Judges. Senate candidate fundraising, democrats are slaughtering republicans in fundraising. But you have to remember that the democrat party has become the Rich White Elite and the corporate party and the republican party is the working class ordinary people who are struggling with inflation.

Fedderman had a stroke the night of the primary and was running against Connor Lamb who is the current representative who is a more moderate candidate, but Federman won with a landslide. Now Oz has a new campaign ad going against Fedderman’s health issues and his leftest ideas.

It’s the senate. The senate is a different kind of animal. It will be difficult for republicans. Remind them every single day that a vote for a democrat is to continue to live in Joe Biden’s America. If you want to continue to say that Joe Biden is the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Many people don’t remember and it wasn’t taught in school.

They want you to believe that Warnock is over Walker. They want you to believe that Kemp is over Abrams. Hageman is over Chaney. They want you to believe that people are going to vote for Warnock for Senate and Kemp for Governor.
The House is a lock. The Democrats know that the Senate is what they need to save. There will be media that will say and political analysis will say that the American people like to keep the balance of how they can best govern. They will start highlighting the need for a split Congress.

You have to remember Joe Manchin is relevant today. And you can be happy that he is blocking the spending packages. It is our fault that he is relevant and we have to make him irrelevant. We just came off the best constitutional court decision in American history. If the democrats have the senate for another 2 years see how many judges they put on a wrong judge, like Kentanji