The fist bump heard around the world. Members of his own party have been very critical of Biden’s trip over to Saudi Arabia. It seems that nothing has been achieved by the visit to the middle east. The trip is being viewed that he isn’t against fossil fuels, just american fossil fuels.

No one profits more than the federal government from the struggles of Americans.

It is hard to hide the images of Biden sleeping during meetings in the middle east.

How many times did we hear what an embarrassment DJT was as president, and look at what we have now.

Harris is losing 2 more people in her staff. Her newest speech writer who has been on staff since April and is already looking for a new job. Could it be because they have a lack of respect for staff aids and are ignored.

Republicans need to be loud and bold.

The more we hear about Hunter Biden and the more we hear about the deals that were made. There has to be key democrats that have full knowledge of what happened and they have used all their power to keep the details under wraps with the mainstream media. There are increasing calls for Biden not to run in 2024. The democrats are seeing they are losing their base because of the instability of the Biden family.

The democrats know how and why the leak from the supreme court. It was to create fear among the base that they are losing. It was to reiterate the fact that you can’t trust the republicans.

The Chicago Tribune has an article saying that Warnock should run for president.

Where is the vote to stop the humanitarian crisis at the border with the rape of the women and children. The allowing of the egregious acts at the border is awful. We need muscle and no more speaking.

The world should know that the US is back, Biden should not have to go tell them.