The democrats are the party of the rich white elite. And Republicans are gaining support among the voters and are struggling to pay the bills and may not have the money to pass along to campaigns. Many of the fundraising emails are claiming that they are losing and you open the email and it states that they are losing in the fundraising, may not be the best way to go about raising money. Trump endorsed Dr. Oz says the MAGA Movement is dying is the line of the fundraising push. MAGA Movement is not dying, it is alive and well.

Baby Formula, living in Joe Biden’s America. More than 20% of formulas are still out of stock. Biden announces his 17th international delivery. Biden is begging for gas and oil fro the saudis. He is begging for baby formula from Germany. He is begging for semiconductors. Bidenomics: 66% are cutting back on restaurants and movies. 61% driving less, 33% are using more credit cards. 52% think the economy will get worse.

They want you to believe that Biden picked Kamala Harris. Harris compares the end of Roe v Wade to slavery. She wants venn diagrams on the states on restricting abortion and right to vote.