China is buying up land in the US only 20 minutes from a high security base in North Dakota. The base is the home of some of the most sensitive technology. The Chinese company says it wants to build a corn milling company. It is a 700 million dollar plant. Some of the most sensitive elements of Grand Forks are the digital up & downlinks to spaced based assets. The location of the land is conveniently located for monitoring air traffic flows in and out of the base. Many federal officials are opposing the purchase of the land over security concerns.

Remember when talking about the supply chain issues, it was reported that the people that are managing and operating our ports are Chinese personnel. The amount of land that China has bought in the US is concerning. The Chinese are already in places strategically that are a danger to the safety of Americans.

Other world leaders see opportunities to come in and buy up land and allow them to have a significant footprint within our nation.

The GA abortion ban stands. Judges all over are hearing oral arguements on abortion bans in every state.

The distrubing facts coming out on the 10 year old rape case, where the mother is saying the media was lying and denying the police narrative. It was all about the abortion not about the rape. The Rapist is the boyfriend of the mother. No one has removed the little girl from the rapist. There is so much dysfunction and wrong that it boggles the mind in the case. It wasn’t until the national spotlight did anything start happening with the case.