BKP went down to the Pickens county Board of Election meeting last night. Where they voted 3-1 with a democrat vote to instruct the county attorney to write the court order allowing the board to unseal the ballots from the republican primary to audit their ballots. Also Cherokee County GA is attempting to do the same thing to recount 60K ballots.

It’s summer. It’s hot and the humidity is bad. CNN is reporting the weather reports as their top story. BKP remembered as a kid about the stories in the city where they opened the hydrants for the kids to play in. Now it is being reported that 60 million Americans may see over 100 degrees. Experts say humidity will increase with heat.

With all the heat, Americans are running their AC to keep cool. As the ordinary people are struggling to pay for the gas and energy, Pete Buttigieg is telling us as the pain increases at the pump, the more benefit there is to access electric vehicles.

Average household uses 17% of their energy every year to run their ACs. Americans would use 4 times as much energy to charge electric vehicles. It is not uncommon to ride by a house and see multiple vehicles. Americans that have 2-3-4 cars in the drive, imagine the fight over the charger in the garage.

It’s hot, it’s summer time. WE cannot achieve the goals of 50% of vehicles being electric cars. As Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce (Fmr Governor of Rhode Island) tells us that the administration is moving as fast as they can away from fossil fuels.

Any republican out there. You don’t have to put out a single request to send money to the MAGA. You send out emails, ads reminding people the pain we are feeling is Joe Biden America.

If you’re upset you don’t get to charge your phone, you will really love the electric car charging world.

AOC pretending she is handcuffed. Living in Joe Biden’s America.