Politicians are past 2020. Donors don’t want to write checks to candidate’s campaigns that won’t let go of the 2020 election. They are even going as far as not to mention Donald Trump. Sources say at the Republican fundraiser in Alpharetta last night there was not a mention of Donald Trump. Burt Jones, candidate for Lt. Governor, along with David Shafer were at the event. Burt Jones and David Shafer were a part of the 16 GOP electors for the 2020 presidential election and are being subpoenaed in the Fulton Co Grand Jury. David Shafer is one of the 16 Republicans under investigation for submitting dodgy paperwork , claiming former president Donald Trump won the Peach state in the 2020 election.

Where is Joe Biden? It has been days. BKP plays a montage of the incoherent speeches of Joe Biden. Republicans need to go over and over living in Joe Biden’s America. If Republicans don’t show the disaster of Joe Biden’s America and leave behind Americans in Afghanistan.

AOC faked being handcuffed when she was escorted from the Supreme Court at an abortion protest. What will they fake?

The past few days there hasn’t been any sign of Joe Biden, no public schedule. Joe Biden was out briefly yesterday to deliver flowers to the First Lady of Ukraine. The reports are that he is very busy. He is going to Rhode Island today to sign an executive order to save polar bears. They don’t know what to do now. He can’t fly into an area without democrats there to escort and direct him. White House has been saying that they are going to ramp up his travel but it hasn’t happened yet. Who will stand on the stage with Biden and campaign.

The Fulton County DA is the block to help get Abrams/Bailey/Jordan in office in GA.