The House voted to codify abortion and will be sending over to the Senate. Republicans don’t know what to do. Take a note. Parents are running across their nation to take back their school boards. We have outrageous testimony about abortions and what the value of life is to the liberals. The courts are saving us from Joe Biden’s America. The courts are saving us from the freakshow. We must win the Senate to keep the courts. Would you invite Richard and Sam to bake cookies with you and your children? If we allow what Richard says is Gender Affirmation treatment is a treatment, we are in danger. WE are not dogs, using Bob Barker to spay and neuter your pets. Thank God for Donald Trump. We have to have the Senate to stop the freakshow. The freaks want to put the kids at a table with a GI Joe and a Barbie and transform the child to the gender they choose with the dolls. They want to institute boys in girls bathrooms, sports, locker rooms and approve Gender Affirmation Treatment. Joe Biden ordered it in Jan 2021 and a Tennessee federal Judge stopped it.

The mainstream media is reporting and worried they can’t get text messages from the secret service. Reporting that it sounds like a coverup. They are trying to stop Donald Trump so they can continue the freak show. Try a witch hunt in GA, a witch hunt on Jan 6 to stop Donald Trump. They know that Donald Trump is the reason why they can’t get their agenda done today. The secret service did not back up their phones and they couldn’t get the text messages.