Yesterday, BKP said the house is in the bag. We are already watching the media and not discussing the house. They have come to the realization that the House of Representatives is going to the Republicans. What the house does is hold investigations, compile information, it could just be good tv. The Jan 6 investigation is creating a crisis and a witch hunt. Republicans will have some very good stuff to investigate in the house.

The US Senate. Democrats are hoping. The biggest losses for democrats have been in the courts. The courts have stopped unlawful executive orders. The courts have been stopping the overreach of presidents writing executive orders that are not law. And stopping the behemoth bureaucracies that are writing rules not laws. The democrats can hold on to the Senate. The democrats are telling the American people that republicans have terrible candidates. The money that is probably pushed into the house races is being pushed into the Senate, overall the democrats are out fundraising the republicans. But they will push funds from candidates that they think they can win. The Fundraising is coming in for the democrats from white liberal elite democrats. The republican candidates can’t raise money because their voter base is struggling to feed their family.

ESPN called BKP to do an interview on how Herschel Walker was on the trail and how he was perceived by the public. ESPN is doing an in depth article on Herschel’s life. People love Herschel Walker. In GA, God parted the Red Sea and then there is Herschel Walker. His opponent, Rafeal Warnock, has spent his whole life talking people out of their money. Herschel Walker has worked his whole life for his money. Question: did Moses stutter?

National Republicans should show how Americans are living in Joe Biden’s America./ fantasy world fueled by electric fantasy.

93% of small businesses fear recession.