Federal court says Georgia’s anti-abortion law can now be enforced, GA Hearbeat bill stands. With the 2022 election hanging in the balance, Georgia abortion limits take effect. It is in effect today, SCOTUS says that it is not a constitution right and it goes back to the states. They are trying everything they can to block the states. It basically states that abortion is illegal in GA with the exception of the pill.

Model forecasts republicans to retake the House majority in November, Senate is a toss up. In PA, Fetterman says he ‘s feeling really good and will resume campaigning very soon, the Lt Gov of PA and the democrat nominee for PA Senate running against Dr. Oz. He is slurring his words. He is in rehab and is leading in fundraising.

It is summer and the climate advisor McCarthy says the president will move and he will move fast on climate emergency. It is the transition. It is the forced transition. And they are braising and bold to move forward on their agenda. There will be some pain. Biden is going to move forward with all the powers that he has to make the change and shift to clean energy. Politicians have known that our power grid is in trouble, we have watched the power outages and the rolling brownouts. And they want us to believe we will plug up 3 vehicles at the house. Biden to expand climate push with heat readiness. Yesterday Biden recalled how coal pollution in Delaware gave him and the people he grew up with cancer in a speech slamming the GOP for not stepping up to address the climate emergency. Hey stop those barges that are sending our coal over to China.

Our transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded to the question about how green energy won’t solve our plans, the challenges that we are living through is what a transition looks like. “You can’t flip a switch, you can’t do it overnight.” “People struggling to let go of the status quo.” Reports show that wind and solar won’t power the houses in Europe and India and China are building coal plants at record rates and Americans are paying the bill to combat climate change.

Biden’s executive actions give $2.3 billion to help communities cope with severe heat, storms, fires and floods and Bolstering domestic offshore wind industry. Biden’s climate agency is broke, they need more money as Biden arrives in non-electric SUV entourage to a presser in Mass to talk about the climate agenda. There is no stopping Joe Biden’s climate agenda, nor does Joe have anything to do with it. Is it the white house inside the White House? He signed a stack of executive orders on his first day killing fossil fuels and all his cabinet members are all environmentalists. They should lead by example before forcing the green new deal on the american people

Jan 6 primetime event tonight on all the networks a 2 hour special.

So if Pence did not have the authority to stop the electors that day on january 6. Why do they have to submit a bill to stop candidates from stealing elections? The new bill will outline the Vice President’s electoral count role as solely ministerial and that he or she doesn’t have any power to solely determine, accept, reject or otherwise adjudicate disputes over electors.