Remember BKP has said that the House is in the bank. But the Senate is a toss up. The media is not talking about any challenge of the House races. More democrats will take the fall in the house. The Media focus is the Senate. They will say that historically people like the republicans to take the House and the democrats take the Senate. The Senate is the only way to put the stop on the crazy in this country.

You have JD Vance going against Tim Ryan in Ohio. JD Vance links Tim Ryan to Biden in a campaign video. We are living through the force transition. Joe Biden’s face has to go on all these campaigns all over the nation to keep the Senate.

Fetterman is running against Oz and has just had a stroke as he says he is ready to take on Dr. Oz while he slurs his words. Dr. Oz understands that Fedderman is not fit to take the Senate.

Mayorkas says on NBC that the border is secure and says they are working to make the border more secure. Check your schools. There are 2 million that have crossed the border. Check your school systems to let them in. if a parent comes to sign them up the school will put them under the 999 category so the state will send funds. Ask the school districts how many have enrolled in the 999 category and how many schools are rushing to hire ESL (English Second Language) teachers.

So if Pence did not have the authority to stop the electors that day on january 6. Why do they have to submit a bill to stop candidates from stealing elections? The new bill will outline the Vice President’s electoral count role as solely ministerial and that he or she doesn’t have any power to solely determine, accept, reject or otherwise adjudicate disputes over electors. The elector Reform count act will make it to where the VP cannot change the electors.

Jan 6 hearing tonight. Garret Ziggler is the one that let Sideny Powell, Rudy and the guy from overstock in the office.

A New York Judge ordered Rudy to go to Atlanta to the Fulton co Grand Jury hearing.

They are worried about the text messages of the secret service and not Hunter’s laptop.

Will Merrick Garland press charges against Trump. He reiterated that no one is above the law. Jan 6 is the most important investigation in the DOJ.

Half of Americans expect a second civil war

Mortgage application plunge 22 year low

Federal probe into hunter biden reached a critical juncture

Sesame street being sued because two black little girls were not acknowledged by character.

GA GOP chair is among 16 alternative electors in GA for the fulton Co grand jury

Body cam footage where the police officer in Uvalde as his wife died

Dave Chappelle’s show was canceled over his transphobic jokes.

CNN owner woos over Morning Joe stars Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and he prepares to wield an ax.

No evidence that Putin is in bad health.

Going into November, Democrats want to look good on crime. Biden safer america plan: help communities hire and train 100L additional police officers for accountable community policings. Are they going to put young black Americans in jail? The only thing that has gotten added to the Clinton crime plan was that Biden added accountable community policing. Plan is to invest nearly $3 billion to help communities to clear court backlogs to take criminals off the streets. Will impose tougher penalties for fentanyl trafficking, Will help formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reenter society. Will establish the “accelerating Justice reform grant program to help prevent violent crime and help ease the burden on police officers . Biden’s anything does not work.

Remember when Trump would walk to Marine 1 and it didn’t matter how many reporters were there he would stop and talk to every one of them. Joe has to stay focused and won’t stop and talk to anyone.