Lori went to the doctor yesterday and wasn’t able to get the complete procedure done due to supplies and staff. The shipment didn’t come in for the test and the office staffing was not full. There was a hospital in the Atlanta area that didn’t have the supplies for a friend’s cancer treatment. If big hospitals are suffering with supplies and staff shortages, it is inevitable that it will be in the rural areas. With the highest inflation in 40 years, it is hard to fathom the idea of a staff shortage. Americans have $300-500 added to their budget just because of the adding increases of prices. There are a number of mothers that have begun to stay home with the children starting at home businesses because of lack of child care. Families are struggling and there doesn’t seem to be a plan in sight to combat the inflation.

16% of conservatives feel climate change is an issue, 72% of people under 30 think climate is an issue. The president comes out declaring a national emergency because of the heat. In 1980 there was a record heat wave in Texas that still hasn’t been broken. We could be just having one of those years when the heat is just hotter than usual. Biden claims a national emergency to combat climate change. Biden says we need governors, mayors, electric utilities companies and developers to stand up and be a part of the solution. Don’t be a roadblock. Act boldly on climate change. Biden decided that climate is the national emergency and not the Border with the humanitarian crisis with the rapes at the border and the fentenyl coming across the border and Mayorkas comes on saying that the border is safe.

The story Lori shared on Monday of the mother who overdosed preliminary reports are showing that the drug she took had to have fentanyl in it. In Gwinnett there were 2 mass overdoses all probably attributed to fentanyl. How can we have a president that won’t even discuss the issue of fentanyl coming across the border.

The white house had to backtrack the president’s words one more time. Biden had skin cancer, although the president clearly said that he had cancer from the coal factories in Delaware like so many others. This has become a regular incident with this president that he has told so many untruths and you have to believe that he is believing his own lies.

Bernie Sanders goes after Joe Manchin for sabotaging the president’s climate agenda, jealous of Manchin’s donors from republican donors and the coal industry.

The democrats are fighting amongst themselves socialists that love Bernie and the progressives that love AOC that is against all old white men, although they tolerate the men in their party.

Lori plays a clip of Archie Bunker talking about climate and the democrats from the 1970s. To put it in perspective, we have struggled with issues for decades and we have to work for it. We have a president that has an agenda and he will keep pushing until it is complete. The national emergency on climate change, what will that look like. It is about control. The way the commiunist countries operate is through fear and rationing. Half of the country has to work very diligently to use our brains to figure out what we need to do to combat the left’s agenda.