Who would have thought that you would have to turn to alternative news sources if you wanted to participate in patriotic news and love for our country. It is way beyond the party you align with or what church you go to. We should all be proud of our great nation. WE do have our problems but through our struggles we have come together for the love of our country. What is disturbing when people in power don’t show they don’t love our country.

The Stephens county commissioners meeting yesterday, there were people to explain that the insurance for county workers has increased and the increase in property tax. With the increase of tourists during the pandemic and finding homes in our area and the sales of homes increased to premium rates which is causing our taxes to be raised. In Stephens county it will be 8% this year and looking at much more next year.

Midterms are right round the corner, find your active local GOP party to get plugged in to ensure our voting rights are not taken away. Early voting will be right around the corner. Last night Stephens County GOP had training on poll workers and watcher training. In the 9th district in North GA we have a strong republican presence and if you are able to travel, poll watchers are needed in other areas closer to the metro areas. The new guidelines for absentee ballots have to verify name, signature (which is very difficult because workers are not experts in handwriting), now the voter must provide the last four digits of your social security number. Andrew Clyde will be the guest in August at the Stephens County GOP.

The Ada Cox series is going on in Toccoa, which is a summer music series that is a wonderful family event. If it rains it is at the historic Ritz Theater.

Thoughts and prayers for the family of the soldier that was struck by lightning at Fort Gordon, 9 other soldiers are injured.

Last night was the Jan 6 special and they continue to keep Jan 6 relevant for the November midterms. There isn’t anyone on the committee that has a love for Donald Trump. Name any other destruction of public or private property that we have had this much discussion. All the small businesses that are losing their business because of the looting and break ins. They want to talk about fear, rioting, mobs, look at what else is happening concurrently with the jan 6 investigation. We hav echildren being raped and molested at the border. We have fentanyl coming across our border at record numbers. 150 countries coming across our border, at one point we had different things in place that controlled the flow. When you see all these military aged men coming across the border and you have to think what are their intentions in this country, case in point the July 4th planned shooting in and the rape of the 10 year old little girl. Look at how Kavenaugh and his family have been threatened, you would think this is what Congress is focused on. The neighbors of Kavanaugh are scared. Where are all these talking heads that spit on freedom?

At Disney World Kingdom, there were 2 families that had an all out brawl over an argument.

The father told the 4 year old to shoot the police if they were to touch him. Fortunately the child did not disarm the weapon.

There are numerous other issues that our country is facing, but all they focus on is going after the president that was concerned about the American people. He may have been hard on Congress but he loved the ordinary people.

Lori plays Paul Harvey, “If I were the Devil”, we have to pay attention as all of this is developing right before our eyes. Paul Harvey saw what was coming. And over a hundred years ago, it was described that we would be destroyed from within. We have to do our part to teach our children the love for our country and the freedoms we have as Americans. It is our job as parents to teach our children the respect of our flag.

Van Jones explains why black voters are frustrated with Biden. It was promised to get better but it got worse. Lori has already shown that the Hispanics have moved to the republican party and now the black population is starting to notice. The Hispancs community believe that their kids should be educated and not indoctrinated. The horrible economy is hurting the poorest among us. There is a huge minority block that are disheartened, the Hispanics and Black populations. How is this going to shape the November 2022 elections?

The heartbeat bill only passed by 1 vote in a republican state run by republicans. What will happen if we sit back and let the state turn blue. As republicans we should be greatly concerned. If we don’t get control of the Senate and the House, we will be facing more of this hardship and will only get worse. The bullies are given the power by the President of the United States. And what if the power companies charge you triple to run the electricity during the times they don’t want you to use for the climate cause.