Temperatures have risen 1.1 degrees in 100 years. We have heat waves every year. Climate change we are living in the Forced Transition. WE have the pain, and some of us are reluctant to get on board and Biden has attempted to sign an emergency order. Biden has never given a time plan or has never planned for the transition. Biden has never planned for anything. Our electric grid would take several lifetimes to get where it needs to be to support the electric vehicles Biden wants to do. Biden wants to build offshore windmills and run cables to the plant. It is incredibly expensive. The windmill blades are made out of Carbon-fiber.

The Biden SUV entourage to the Mass. press conference and none of them were electric.

You think you’re fighting over the phone charger in the kitchen and who is getting the charger in the garage. You won’t be able to charge all the cars on the one charger. It’s all a fraud, it will not work. One day one the president ended the fracking and the pipeline but what he could have done is write a plan to phase out and bring it to the electric. There is no plan to get you out of the suffering. We have to get out some of the orders to get congress to make a plan but it will be a 30 year plan. If the oil business would know they have 30 years they would build more refineries. There are 108 million cars on the road each day. Our electric grid can not handle the extreme weather events much less charge the 108 million vehicles. There isn’t any way we can sustain this idea of the transition to electric vehicles.

China and India are building coal fired plants and the US is selling our coal to them. China is going around the world to buy coal veins and has contracts in WV for 10 years. Joe took our emergency reserves and sold some of it to China. The national average of gas is 4.55 and the only reason it is down in GA is because the governor has the thirty cents off for the state tax until August.

What are the car companies gonna do when no one buys the electric vehicles in 5 years.

Russia got the turbine from Canada, and if Russia seizes to provide the oil and natural gas to Germany. If they shut it down they say oil will be up to $380 a barrel and the US could see gas at $10/gallon.

The general population doesn’t know what is going on. Most people don’t watch the news or they get their news from the mainstream media or from their phone.

The media spun the netflix story that 1 million people canceled but they were expecting 3 million to cancel. The working class is starting to look at their monthly subscriptions and canceling what they don’t need.

You can control some of the pain right now, but the problem is that if you control your expenses and you don’t go out to dinner, shopping for new clothes, you don’t spend the extra money. If you don’t spend the money it will hurt the local small business owner. There won’t be 11 million jobs open, there will be 2 millions. Jobless claims will go up. The small business is going to go out of business because there is only so long they can remain open under those circumstances. The entire cycle does look good for the economy.

Blackstone just announced that they will become the largest landlord. They have raised 50 billion waiting on the crash and are targeting rental, warehouses, and hospitality. China right now 30% of their GDP is property, housing speculation. People are refusing to pay the mortgages because of the work stoppages. There are tanks in front of the Bank of China because the bank is not giving the people their money.

We are talking about the real world and real people.

There are more and more realtor highlighting listings saying that it is a good time to buy. Joene reported about the slow down 2 months ago. Back when everything sold within days with multiple contracts. Now the homes that sold over the appraisal value have risen the property values of the nearby homes, therefore taxes have gone up due to the inflated sold prices. Now these homes will be foreclosed on for under the original appraisal value but the property values will not be reduced.

What does it take to us when the feds raise a full basis points. It will take the economy into the tank. Thursday the GDP will come out showing a recession.

You get enough people angry in China, Xi will go to war to calm the people. Hello Taiwan. Or they go back to the old play book, boost demand by boosting debt financed infrastructure. China has ghost towns that have enormous buildings abandoned. China has said they will take over Taiwan. The US has said they will step in. and Russia and Ukraine will be on the back burner. Victoria Spatz has been to Ukraine six times and is making people nervous over the firing of the Ukraine intelligence officers.

They have to do the reverse of the 25th amendment. Kamala Harris is going to resign and they will pick Gavin Newsom. Then Biden will resign because of health or because of Hunter Biden and Joe will calm dementia so he can’t face the charges. What if the medicine he is taking for COVID, he wakes up in the morning and has a blood clot. We know that he is deteriorating in front of his eyes.

Bruce – out after 2022 election
Rick – Biden out after
Joene – Biden before
BKP – if Joe dies before the election, democrats will get the sympathy vote.

Winners and Losers