We don’t know if Trump will announce. He would be the front runner. He would probably get the nomination. TP USA, mostly young people, Trump wins the straw poll. Many in republican circles are hoping it will be after November.

IF you want the deep state to be removed, who would be the best president to do so.

Trumps Machine in Waiting.. He has several non-profits that are funding the research to find the American First people. Now Trump looks to Jim Jordan as his closest confidant on Capitol Hill. McCarthy attacked Trump on Jan 6 then a few weeks later went to Mar-a-Largo to kiss the ring and all is well.

They have to stop Trump because Trump has people to take down the deep state. Jan 6 was set up to try to stop it. Clark in Feb pleaded the 5th on the Jan 6 committee. In the early hours of Jun 22, federal agents took his devices in a search. But iIn April, Clark was down in Mar-a-Largo.

The Justice Department has to be gone through. Trump had a deep state cabinet because of the people he had close to him. Trump had to go to Washington to figure out how it all worked.

Trump is running an opposition meeting preparing for a second term. Why and what do they want to do? Chaney Jan 6 cmte could contemplate subpoena for Ginni Thomas. They went after Clark and now they want to go after Ginni Thomas because she took a strong interest in white house personnel. That Trump’s own people were obstructing MAGA. Ginni Thomas has a list of disloyal government officials. The deep state hit list.

Trump wanted to install Patel as deputy director of the CIA or FBI. At this time he still needs Barr and Durham. Barr told Meadows that Patel had become a deputy FBI agent over his dead body. Trump has the plan and has the people around him. If Trump announces that he is running for re-election. They are going to try to put this article out to try and scare the people but they will underestimate the will of the people.

Trump learns his lesson to whom he listens and who he hires.

The Don, when you do the Don wrong for a period of time you believe everything is ok. Although the relationship between McCarthy and Trump is still intact it isn’t what it was.

Here is the proof that Trump is sincere in collapsing the deep state and Trump is going to clean the house of the deep state. Dave McCormick seemed on paper to convince Trump to endorse him. McCormick had numerous ties to Trump yet he didn’t endorse. Trump did not endorse Deep State McCormick.

Conservative Partnership Institute is the crowdsourcing hub. The non profit status under the tax code allows the organization to hide its donors. It was founded by Jim DeMint, former GOP SC Senate. CPI staff, Demint, Mark Meadows, Edward Corrigan, Wesley Denton, Rachel Bovard, Cleta Mitchell. CPI has a team that is working on the database of vetted staff that is ready to go upon the next GOP president.

This is teed up ready to go. We must have a president that has the courage to take down the deep state. They are attacking Trump because he will bring down the deep state.

Mike Pence is out there. The deep state will change the course of American history for generations if Trump and his Schedule F is not allowed to be enacted.