They have a plan. They take the children over the week of and the first day of school to enroll the children. The schools in order for them to get funding have to categorize the migrants and the funding is based on the category of the students enrolled.

The turn to recognize the need for Congress to be split between the two parties. The republicans having majority of the House and the democrats having the Senate. BKP predicted the change last week.

We have such a corrupt deep state. If the deep state is not real, why stop Donald Trump?

Axios did an article on Trump’s radical plan for his second term. Ron DeSantis is the best governor in the US. The push back on Disney was excellent. He is an amazing governor. If he were elected to the presidency would he be able to do what is necessary to put the US back on track.

Turning Point Summit straw poll Trump won by 78.7%. Trump is the front runner. The US governors association and several national meetings of the GOP are begging Trump to hold off until after November.

The republican party says you must sing kumbaya once there is a nomination. We are to unify when their candidate wins, but if a Trump endorsed candidate wins, we hear that they won’t back the nominee. Hogan, the current republican governor of Maryland says he won’t support the party’s nominee in Maryland, predicting that the GOP has no chance to win the governor’s race. Hogan is saying that the Trump endorsed candidate Dan Cox is a QAnon Whackjob.

The Witch Hunt in Atlanta: the DA of Fulton Co, Fani Willis hosts a fundraising event for Charlie Bailey. She isn’t doing her job for the citizens of Fulton Co, she is working to make a national name for herself and to save democracy from Donald Trump. At the time the alternative electors were picked 16 for the republicans. There was a standing open case that if it was won, could have overturned the election, the need for the republican 16 electors. Fani Willis is calling the alternate electors, not fake, to testify in the witch hunt. Charlie Bailey is the democrat candidate for LT Gov, Burt Jones is the republican candidate for LT Gov. Fani Willis is going after her political opponents.

Side-note: Study what happened with the 13th amendment. The democrats were against freeing the slaves.

Janet Yellen is trying to change the definition of a recession.

The democrats are trying to figure out the exit strategy for Joe Biden.