They have given up on the House of Representatives. They are moving to the Senate now. They are going to try to save the Senate. You are not finding anywhere where the media is reporting the republicans have the narrowest minority in the House they have ever had. There will be an enormous shift in the House. The Shift is in the Senate. GA, AZ, CO, PA, OH.

The focus on Donald Trump and the political enemies. On Jan6 there was a riot, windows were broken and people entered the Capitol. The real crime is the murder of Ashli Babbitt. Nothing being discussed about the advanced preparation for any kind of attack on the Capitol. Jan 6 was to say that they count the electors from each state, and the VP declares that all votes are counted and declares the new president. According to congress all hangs on the limb and VP Pence was in danger. Regardless of the drama, not one secret service member, not a staff member of Congress or a member of Congress was harmed. They were able to sweep up the glass and put up some covering on the windows so they were able to continue with the business of the day.

Look up how Donald Trump could reimpose Schedule F in 2025. They had to stop trump. They had to steal the election.

Pence tweeted this weekend. “Some people want the election to be about the past, but elections are always about the future. Democrats would love nothing more than for Republicans to take our eye off the ball and focus on days gone by. If the Republican Party allows itself to come consumed by yesterday’s grievances, we will lose. But if we come together, keep our eye on the ball & focus on the future, we won’t just win the next election, we will change the course of American history for generations!”

The kill shot is never letting Trump run again. It isn’t about the past, it’s about the deep state.

Murdock (fox news) graded Pence on Jan 6 as passing the test and Trump failed. This is all about saving the deep state.

On July 5, BKP was very clear that he is not anti-Ron DeSantis but Trump is the best option to clear out the swamp. Jonathan Swan from Axios wrote a great article. There is an all out war to protect the deep state. We all know that we have to take down the bureaucracies and take out all the jobs that go from administration to administration without any reprimand.

Trump’s allies are working on plans that would potentially strip layers at the Justice Department. During Trump’s presidency he often complained about what he called the deep state. The plan intends to stack thousands of mid-level staff jobs, databases are being developed and people are being vetted. The Schedule F was developed in Oct 2020, which establishes a new category for federal employees. Schedule F is the groundwork to dismantle the deep state. Biden immediately stopped Schedule F, the reason Biden was put into office. The civil servants who serve roles that have some influence over policy would be reassigned under Schedule F. So they wouldn’t be able to go from president to president. These government workers enjoy strong employment protections and Schedule F was going to rip all these protections away. We have to have someone that will come in and clean out the deep state that doesn’t have to worry about re-election. Schedule F was ready to strip the deep state from our government. We have people that have been trying to get rid of the deep state for years and they have been in the background. Trump would replace the positions with people that are loyal to our country and America First policies. Schedule F will finally get rid of the activist liberals that have been undermining GOP presidents for decades.