If you listen to mainstream media you would like that the LBGTQ population was 20-30% of the population, not just 3%. They don’t want to hear from the American people. There are even republicans that are happy to spend our hard earned money on Jan 6 ahead of all the issues we are enduring. The most affected are those that are on fixed incomes, our seniors, who are struggling to get their medications. If there is a theme to Biden’s presidency is apathy. They don’t care what we are feeling.

They dusted off Al Gore. BKP watches the mainstream media to see the narrative. The lack of action of the Uvalde police compared to the climate change deniers.

Where are the 1.5 million people that have crossed the border? Check your schools. See how many new students have been enrolled and watch and see how many ESL (English Second Language) teachers will be hired in the first week of school.