We anticipate the second quarter numbers to be lower than expected. The administration does not have the will of the people in mind. Many of us are in an economy we have never dealt with before. The US is not the only country that is struggling. The increased energy crisis across the globe. There are so many progressives trying to turn America into Sri Lanka. There is unrest in Panama being reported this weekend. The government is provoking the people. Overwhelmingly from country to country it is the people vs the government. In order for the government to be bigger the people have less power. As the people give a little more to the government they gain more power and will not give it back to the people. When we relinquish power to the government we forget that the constitution gives us the power.

The people that have shoved down the people of the world the importance of the vaccine and the protection the vaccine gives you against the virus. Yet they are all getting COVID despite having the vaccine. The unvaccinated are the ones that pose the threat.

They are perfectly fine with destroying people along the way to push the radical agenda. The liberals feel that they are so much higher and they don’t feel they have to explain what they are doing and why. The radical left are ok to invoke fear and harass their political opponents by releasing information about where their kids go to school and where they worship.

The democrats are fleeing to the red areas in record numbers while saying how much they hate the freedoms red states hold dear.