Joe has checked out. Trump had no courage on Jan 6. The problem people see or bring up is we can’t have Harris as president. We know that the republicans are going to get the House and hope to get the Senate. That the media is trying to maintain the Senate for the democrats. And after the midterms it will be another 2 years after the midterms it will be time to look into Hunter Biden. They have everything set to look into it. But they can’t leave Harris there as VP.

The Hunter Biden reports are all out in the open, a DOJ whistleblower is ready to blow the lid on a scheme to bury negative information about Hunter Biden by FBI officials. This is why Joe has to leave and they have to stop Donald Trump.

Biden is in trouble. If republicans gain control of the House and Senate there is prison on the way for some of them. They are going to offer Joe an out for the Biden’s. Democrats are not that concerned about the red wave because they play a long game. They know that eventually the democrats will be in the House and Senate because it has happened before.

The MSM is starting to turn on Joe. There is always a plan. The media has seen the light. They are turning the tables in the way they are supposed to in order to turn the public thinking. They are reporting negatives on Joe and Kamala. The deep state is saying they have everything ready to go.

Don’t know if Kamala is stoned 7 days a week. She has to know that she is out. Is she going to be stubborn? She is going to say that you have to make this deal sweet or she will stick around.

How does Gavin Newsom become president of the US and never run for office, it can be done and it has been done. So Kamala Harris resigns and Gavin Newsom is appointed as VP. 90 days later Joe resigns, Newsom is president. Newsom gives pardon to Biden’s and appoints the vice president.

It happened before. Nixon and Agnew. Agnew resigns, picks Gerald Ford. Nixon resigns, Ford is president. Ford gives pardon to Nixon.

What if Newsom picks Stacey Abrams as his Vice President.

If republicans win the House and the Senate. Keep in mind. Trump would be 78 when he runs in 2024. Could he run against Newsom?