EV scenario, asking your dad to borrow the car and the car isn’t charged for Dad to get to work. The electric car world will change, “I am late, I have to go.”

Marc Short testified that the Capitol riot could have been a massacre if the mob got closer to the VP, Pence. Marc Short is Pence’s ex-chief of staff, now works for Brian Kemp. not one of Pence’s staff was hurt. He testified to the DOJ Grand Jury.
Aug 2 is the primary in Arizona. Pence has endorsed the candidate against Kari Lake, Trump endorsed candidate. We will have to see which candidate prevails next Tuesday. This is a battle you have to pay attention to.

500K illegals gotaways at the US border, that is what we know with an average of 55K per month.

Mayor of NYC Eric Adams fires 200 city workers over COVID jabs. The total 1752 workers have been fired because they will not get vaccinated. Folks you can not be vaccinated against COVID, it is no more than a flu shot that has side effects that are scaring doctors.

The Judge said that Jody Hice will have to testify in the Trump probe in the Fulton Co Grand Jury.

Fani Willis held a fundraiser for Charlie Bailey who is running against Burt Jones. Judge blocks Fulton Co DA probe of GOP State Senate (Burt Jones) over 2020 election. The witch hunt is an attempt to bring republicans down in GA

CNN is trying to get Morning Joe over to stop the bleeding of the network.