110 cases of monkeypox in GA, most of the cases are in Atlanta. 1972 cases nationwide.

Gwinnett counties is still wanting to mask up. There are peaceful protests where the teachers are standing up as the only school that is having to mask up.

Most American’s get to the other side of the crisis and realize that it wasn’t as bad as it was believed to be.

Go and look at the kids between 1-3 years old that their motor skills and their speech not where it needs to be. And many kids at 3 in speech therapy. That is one of the many things that we let the government do to our children.

It was not long ago that if you didn’t listen to those in charge you would be thrown off the plane or publicly criticized.

In the 50s and 60s where the family unit in black America there were both parents in the home. It wasn’t until the government convinced the black women to marry the government instead of the men. The single mom perks married to the government.

500K gotaways, that is an estimated number. When you see 1.5 million are here are the ones that are processed, they are letting them go into the country. Half million not in that number and not processed and they are in the country.

How many people talk about Joe being checked out?

How many discussions do you have during the week, wondering how they will get Joe out? When is it going to be and are we going to regret the result.

Way to go Burt Jones had the guts to stand up against Fani Willis in Fulton Co.