American people are not listening to the MSM to believe that we are in a recession and where we are heading financially. All of the financial big banks are cautious on what they say.

Roubini’s call for the production of the shallow recession is delusional. The Biden administration is trying to refine a recession, but we know that 2 negative growth quarters constitute a recession.

They need 90 days to try to win the Senate. The recession is a megathreat, a severe recession and financial crisis. We have stagflation with a high debt ratio of 420%.

The printing of the money during COVID created zombie corporations. If an accountant looked at the books they would say that the US is bankrupt and just doesn’t know it.

Consumer Confidence is down to 95.7 and home sales are down. Fed reserve Jerome Powell is supposed to come out today to announce .75 pt increase in interest rates means higher mortgage rates, credit cards, auto loans, student loans. Retail stores stocks are falling.

Chief Economic Advisor, Mohamed El-Erian says we are not in a recession. That a recession goes beyond 2 quarters of negative GDP growth. Saying the Federal Reserve is pushing us into a recession.

Rob Cunningham: The words smoke and mirrors are critical to figure out what the game is, how we are being played and the role of the banker is.

Blackrock and vanguard 5 corporate entities own 90% of all the assets on the planet and all the messaging we get as a population. If information comes out of Black Rock it is not to serve us. Their agenda is their agenda.

The fed is not here to love us. They don’t give a damn about us. Bankers are not here to love us and bankers run the world. 50% of all the money introduced in our country in 276 years has been introduced into the market in the last 24 months.

They are destroying our currency in front of our eyes. Destroying the value of the dollar. The load of debt the US has right now is equivalent to earning 60K a year and having 100M in debt and the next 10 generations will never get rid of it.

All the noise and predictions, we are in a recession and borderline depression. By raising the interest rates not only will they destroy the middle class in America but they will obliterate the third world countries that depend on the dollar.

The feds reckless policy rasing interest rates at the time we are living in today is suicide. Is the fed there to help us or to destroy us? There will be 2 options, go to a central bank or decentralize where all nations will be able to create their own money supply inside their own borders.

Zombie Corporations: there has been free money since 08=09, interest rates have been down virtually at zero then the stimulus money came into play during the pandemic. And corporations use the money to buy back all your stock. Causing the stock prices to go up but less stocks up causing the wealth gap to go up.

Two-thirds of the US economy is based on consumer spending. Right now the consumer isn’t spending anything right now. If the consumer doesn’t spend because the rates are high the earnings will be zero causing the corporations to go bankrupt.

We are in the eye of the storm. Austin, TX has had the highest record of home sales and no bids with price cuts weekly. High car repos, dealerships buying acres of land to park cars. The cars went up because of the lack of supply to fix the cars, and the supply and demand destroyed the used car. Some are saying we are on the back side.

Most of the inflation in Europe is based on energy prices. The Fed can’t fix the supply chain and get Europe the fuel they need to heat this winter. Germany is threatening to break from Biden because they will not be able to survive the winter. Germany needs the fuel from Russia. That is the breaking point of the global economy.

The Brics nations, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, China Account for 58% of humanity on Earth have left the US dollar, and gone to precious metals or minerals or commodities where there is true value to their currency. There are 10 more nations that are leaving the swift and creating the trading channels to a non-US dollar trading channel.

The US has sent all their manufacturing offshore to clean up the climate in the 70s. The US doesn’t have any manufacturing infrastructure so many of our supplies are created in third world nations. Now we are here needing all these things from third world nations.

Russia is a store, they dictate the form of payment for their goods. Russia is a huge supplier of oil and gas. Ukraine is a producer of food. They are breaking apart the world that will not rely on the US Dollar.

The people around the world are tired of the US calling the shots. We don’t have the manufacturing infrastructure to produce what we need and our dollar is not worth toilet paper.

All the talk about interest rates and discussion on what to do is deception to buy time because we are insolvent. They are gaslighting the country. 75% of the world is leaving the dollar. The US has come to the end of the world. Either left or right, going to centralize the bank and go towards WEF/Schwab where we eat bugs and don’t own anything and be happy. Or we go to decentralize our funds.

Biden and Harris on their way out. There are 1000 ways it could go. The election was perverted and it wasn’t legitimate. In The MI Supreme court the ballot boxes were unconstitutional and illegal. And AZ is about to do the same thing. And if those two states pull back their electors and get uncertified the 2020 election is back open. Unknown how that would work out. There was fraud, corruption, treason and everything imaginable in the 2020 election to insert a resident in the White House to be the talking head of the Davos/WEF/Schwab/Brussels.