The DOJ obtains a warrant to search John Eastman’s phone. The went after Eastman outside of a restaurant and took his phone as he was asking for the warrant

Senate passes massive package to boost semiconductor package. 64 yeas 33 nays. 15 republicans voted yea. We are now a semiconductor business as we pay more at the pump, higher taxes, and our money isn’t worth as much. Not bring it home from China or Taiwan. Nope, boosting subsidies in other countries. Watch over time if any of this money is invested in foreign countries. It heads to the house for passage.

Apparently Manchin says that he won’t go along with all this environmental stuff with all the Build Back Better. And now BBB has been renamed the Inflation Reduction Act. Mitch McConell says to Manchin If you go along with Biden then you won’t get the win on the semiconductor deal.

Manchin makes deals. Moderate democrat says he has agreed to a package that would hike taxes on the rich and corporations to reduce inflation and give funding to energy and climate. They are pouring through the bill now to see what it says. The transition you are living through is only being pushed by a handful of evil people. Joe Manchin treats Mitch McConnell like a bitch. Manchin says he will kill Biden’s deal. You would think that the shit is so deep they would drown in it. They don’t even hide it. Mitch the Bitch

The minute McConnell gives the democrats the chip bill they come out saying the Green New Deal is still alive. Manchin surprise, surprise, surprise.
Why is Nancy going to Taiwan?

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. They are trying to reduce inflation saying inflation isn’t happening and it is transitory. When the government gets revenue they go into your pocket because that is where revenue is stored. Government gets $400B in Tax Reform Revenue. AOC is laughing because she has won, the Green New Deal is done! The Affordable Care Act gets more money in subsidies.

Manchin announces deal on reconciliation package. The bill will cut the inflation taxes Americans are paying, lower the cost of health insurance and prescription drugs and ensure our country invests in the energy security and climate change solution we need to remain a global superpower through innovation rather than elimination. It is time to put away the partisan swords and advance legislation that is in the best insterse of the future of this nation and the American people. We will all represent not just one party.

What is in this deal? CNN best kept secrets on health and energy bills by reducing inflation. Is Manchin trying to give the president a win going into November. 3 months into the election.

369B to invest in climate and energy deals. It will slash climate emissions by 2030. 15% minimum tax on corporations. The largest in history for climate and environmental bills.

Environmental Justice Communities refers to policy and advocacy intended to achieve equitable protection from environmental harms and access to benefits across demographic groups. Environmental planning equity accessibility disadvantages rural communities. Toward equity driven planning.

They need every democrat to sign on with a simple majority with 51. They are trying to pass before August recess.

There will not be any debate because it will be done on reconciliation.