Timing when does Joe Biden leave office. How does this end? We know that Chuck Grassley is closing in on Hunter. It started at the Post. Hunter’s biz partner called Biden the Big Guy in panicked text after Post’s laptop story. The Post releases the story about the laptop and it is shut down on social media. Everything about this story is killed immediately. 50 retired members of the national security of this country came out and signed a document lying that the information was Russian and Joe is installed as president of the United states.

Zelensky and his wife have time to pose for Vogue magazine.

Blinken is going to meet with his counterpart in Russia.

Hunter Biden associates panicked when the laptop story came out sending text messages linking Joe Biden as the Big Guy.

CNN ran a story Hunter Biden shows overdue taxes, deep debt, insufficient funds. Deep State has said to Biden that have the information and can play it at any time and Joe would leave the presidency.

The IRS has been used to target Americans. Years of high income. 50K a month to sit on the energy board in Ukraine. Need to file past taxes. Owe back taxes. And they took Hunter’s passport. If the IRS takes your passport you have gotten into something criminally internationally.

Usually they don’t bring these kinds of charges this close to an election. Joe is not a target of the investigation according to sources. Grassley and Jordan the Hunter investigation will happen. The house is going back to the republicans. They will be sending more criminal referrals to the doj that will spend your head. They just need a presiden that will pardon the entire Biden crime family.
What would you have to do to make the kind of money that would cause $471K in 2018 taxes. CNN hasn’t gone into the distance. But it says they have everything.

The dishonest media is the biggest threat to this country. It is the basis of this show.

The media is preparing Biden’s exit strategy. The when, where and how is still to come.