50 members of congress asked Biden to get a cognitive test. It was noted on a request for the test on Feb 9, 2022 and was ignored even though he went for physical and not results of the cognitive test. Also noting newspaper articles that are questioning his abilities as well. More and more conservatives are hammering why the cognitive test has not been done. The confidence of the nation is based on the confidence of the president.

CNN gets their orders from the democratic party and seems to be a significant push to get Biden out. Is it going to give Kamala Harris more power?
The press secretary didn’t have anything. There is no news the White House can share with the American people.

Interest rates have been raised.

It seems to happen every time Biden gets to the microphone that he isn’t able to speak. Never have we had a president in recent history that isn’t able to read the teleprompter and having to have cue cards to tell him where to sit. Biden being a career politician. There isn’t a stage set up that he hasn’t gone through as a Senator or Vice President.

Every day more revelations about Hunter. And the implications between what happened between Joe and Hunter and all their dealings around the world with huge amounts of money involved. Then you look closer at the huge amounts of money. Even with all the smoke and mirror there is real proof of the dealings.
We have COVID to thank for the eye opening of the American people, especially when it comes to our schools and our children. Now that they are tuned in they aren’t looking at the one area they are not trusting what is coming out of the government.

Why do you think CNN was allowed to run the piece that 74% of democrats do not want Biden to run again in 2024. In fact we know how the democrats play. They may not have their names on the letter like the republicans but they are pushing behind the scenes saying that he is bad for the American people. The people of this country have lost faith in this administration and have lost faith in the country. You thought that Stacey Abrams missing Biden’s visit in Atlanta was a mistake.

Will we hear from the president about the cognitive test?

We know that Joe Biden has checked out. It is a foregone conclusion. We know the democrats want him out before 2024. But no one you talk to doesn’t talk about Joe checking out and that he has to go.

Abrams will be in Rabun county this evening. The Democrats game plan in rural GA is focused and we have to step up. It is a given that rural GA will bring in the win and there are blue voters that have moved into your neck of the woods and they don’t want to be identified.

BKP reports that he got a bill and there was a $3 inflation tax and the trash service has added the fuel charge to the bill.