Question 1: patient being treated for colon cancer. Oncologist asked if he wanted to change his medicines due to right sided vs left sided colon cancer. Not all colorectal cancers have radiation treatment. If you add Vectibix (brand name) into the treatment that has the genetic mutation the survival curve is better depending on the right or left sided colon cancer.

In 1976 the US changed where the Olympic athlete trained.

Question 2: patient had seminoma testicular cancer 16 years ago and has polycythemia. Gene tests are negative and erythropoietin is not high. The hematologist told him to donate blood once or twice a year.

Us dept of Health has changed how they put the COVID numbers up daily. The number of cases is up 25% of the tests taken are positive. The number of cases are up based on the number of people taking the test. Most people aren’t going in to take tests.

Ancient DNA showing herpes. 80% of adults over 30 years of age have herpes in their body. They have found that herpes exists in ancient DNA. The genetics over the past 5000 years ago of the herpes has not changed.

Of all of human history, one virus has been eradicated, smallpox.

COVID has robbed people from taste and smell, after 18 months there are still people without taste or smell (25% of people that had COVID still don’t have taste and smell)

Overreacting with Monkeypox. Only one heterosexual with monkeypox without any known exposure. It is a defined population with monkeypox.