The estimated number of gotaways is around a million. Governors on the border are busing the illegals to DC. Mayor Bowser is now asking for the national guard, the hypocrisy and elitism in the left and democrat party. It’s a problem when illegals come to her city. They aren’t being tricked, they are being treated.

Maybe we should bus them to all the major cities. On a daily basis Border Patrol puts their lives at risk trying to save the illegals.

Front page article in the newspaper talking about how Fentanyl is being pressed to look like oxycodone. It is showing that people that are bringing Fentanyl across are deliberately disguising the drugs to sell on the street.

The EpiPen’s are $600-700 and only last 6 months, and are needed for someone that has severe allergies or asthma. Narcan is free all over the nation, so people can be saved from overdoses. The hypocrisy, showing only seeming to care for a certain population. Same for diabetics and their need for insulin.

New Job opening at White House: speech writer for Jill Biden.

Marty Daniel of Daniel Defense GA gun manufacturer, testified in front of Congress on Wednesday as part of an ongoing investigation by lawmakers into what is fueling the country’s high rates of gun violence. There are so many aspects of gun violence in the United State but it is not making the gun manufacture equal to the murderer. Saying the manufacturer is choosing the bottom line over the lives of fellow Americans.

Keep Kentucky and Vegas in your prayers as there is flooding in those areas.