We are in a recession, said over a month ago. They are falling back on the national economic board. All the networks a year ago, defined recession with 2 negative quarters not saying it is not the definition. The data is so skewed now but you can’t get around the reality of retail stocks. The numbers are weird and the number of new jobs that they are taking credit for is the people going back to work. A lot of the work at jobs is phantom. Zuckerburg and Musk have said the employees need to come back to work. Buying habits have changed.

Joe Manchin saved this country from the other bill and did what he needed to be done but he is Traitor Joe. It is dispicable what he did and how he did it. Getting McConnell to agree to sign the chip bill on the basis that the reconciliation bill was dead then it was less than 24 hours the reconciliation bill was back on the table. August 30th the chip bill was going to be squashed.

China owned about 70% of farmland in Mississippi, all that goes back to China. China controls 97% of our pharmaceuticals. The largest pork processing plant. China controls most of all the minerals for chip and solar panel production, it ties into this new chip bill. Taiwan 92% chip production and South Korea 8% of chip production.

Joe Biden has the state of the union address and Intel was in the gallery and that is when he talked about the semiconductor bill. Why are we subsidizing any kind of industry? The chips are critical. The chips are needed to guide the rockets and munitions. China owns grain mills.

China doesn’t need tanks and guns to shut us down and cripple us. But most of the Americans run the plants, and it could be a Red Dawn moment and take over the plant.

We can’t even manufacture boots for our military.

Why Manchin made the deal was because he got healthcare and the pipeline. So he sold out the citizens of America.

Did Mitch get rolled? Or did he know what was happening? You think Mitch trusted Schumer enough that he didn’t know what was going on.

Republicans are sitting on their butts for this new election and need to get up.

Joe Manchin said that in order for him to be a part of it they needed to rename their bill because manchin said build back better was dead. The biggest spending and subsidies and taxes are the biggest ever for climate. They are going to make it to where you can afford to get the electric car.

The 15% corporate tax on businesses. They are killing reinvestment. When you hear that corporations don’t pay any tax, what takes the tax away is the depreciation on investments and job creation. It stifles reinvestments. The bill raises taxes. Increases the irs. Incentive for electric vehicles and batteries. Environmental Justice Communities have money allocated.

New stuff coming out on Hunter. There is a bigger picture on this whole charade. If they prosecute Hunter they can say no one is above the law. The president’s son and an ex-president.

Lies from the White House, border is secure, won’t get COVID if boosted, not in recession,. We need to get back to telling the truth.