Get Ready! Schools are starting next week around the area. The schools are asking for patience as the new school year starts next week. The school systems are looking for school bus drivers.

Mega Millions drawing tonight. The state of GA has raised billions of dollars for education with the Georgia Lottery.

The White House continues to deny anything truthful. WE all know we are in a recession. WE should be looking at Sri Lanka to understand what is going on and what will go on in the US. The powers that be in Washington are trying to push the World Order because the ordinary people couldn’t understand. Unemployment rate is low because people aren’t working. The economy isn’t going to get any better until the spending stops. The democrats are in line to do whatever needs to be done to push the agenda and there are 15% of republicans following along. Now the Green New Deal is being pushed and somehow going to end the recession.

Now Manchin has agreed after being such a force against the Green New Deal. you have to wonder if there was a backroom meeting, did they find something on him or was there a significant trade?

The fine points in the bill could delay the passing of the bill as they try to pass before the election in November. If the pulse of America feels that we are in a recession, then yes, perception is reality.

Biden is on the phone with China for 2 hours. If Pelosi goes to Taiwan. China will consider it a threat to China. We have talked about the farmland that China has bought across our nation. It is a national security issue. China is trying to take over every aspect of what the US depends on and severely disrupt our supply chain.