Tuesday is the election day for WA, AZ, KS< MO, MI. keep in mind Biden’s COVID came at an opportune time. Abrams has not taken any pictures or campaign stops with Joe Biden in GA.

Joe Manchin went on every show this past week and did not mention that he would endorse Joe Biden run for a second term.

The democrats are trying to save the Senate.

Joe Biden will not campaign and has a relapse of COVID because these democrats don’t want him.

There have been 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP. You can search the internet and get the democrats giving the definition of a recession.

The republican House members who voted to impeach trump face primaries. Pete Meijer (MI), Dan Newhouse (WA), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA).

Stacey Abrams made a successful trip in North GA last week. She went to Royston and had about 100 people. Dalton, Clayton and stopped and did a podcast with the Fannin Co democrat party. North GA Blue: Getting into Good Trouble. What is the strategy for Abrams? We will talk to June Krise about the democrat strategy.

Kemp will be making stops through North GA. if Brian Kemp had polling data above 50%, BKP is not sure if Kemp would be out in North GA and if Abrams wouldn’t have done her tour.