Trader Joe – a big deal. He went on all the morning shows. Biden has a relapse of Covid. His schedule was set up to be in Michigan today. This comes on the heels of the endorsement of Tudor Dixon. Tudor is double digits up in the polls. Tudor is the frontrunner in the republicans. She is most likely the one to go up against Gretchen Whitmer.

Biden got covid about the time when the president would be on the trail in AZ and MI. he hasn’t had any appearances in any campaigns.

We are 99 days from election day. August 1 and leaving for work. Be Careful school buses are out picking up kids so allow yourself extra time people are back from vacation and now there will be a mad dash to the finish line. Usually labor day kicks off election campaigns. But now that we have an election season it has been pushed earlier.

We are not giving a lot of strength to the polls. You have to look at the poll and see how the libertarian candidate is pulling. BKP has never seen the libertarian pull such high polls in the past. There are a number of republicans that will not vote for Raffensperger and Kemp. Abrams knows that pain is in rural north georgia. Will she take advantage of that?

Burt Jones looks to have a commanding lead over Charlie Bailey. Again a republican not breaking the 50% mark. The only Trump endorsed candidate not counting Herschel Walker.

The polls are giving the Kemp campaign a little bit of heartburn. You have to look at the libertarian candidate. Kemp hasn’t pulled more than 49% in a single pole in the last week.

Warnock and Walker. The warnock hasn’t broken 50% in the past week.