Trader Joe is Joe Manchin, he went on all the morning shows and had absolutely nothing to say about Biden. What kind of deals he made and what he got to sell out America. We are sell-outs. He had no problem on all the networks. He never said that he was hoping Democrats would win in West Virginia and that Biden would run in 2024.

The Joe Biden gift that they are planning to eliminate debt. We need to totally tear down our university system and start all over. They shut the whole world down for COVID. So when the kids go to college they really get the college course.

We are on Kyrsten watch. Kyrsten Sinema and where she stands on the Inflation Reduction Act. They are trying to save the senate. The msm has sidestepped the house and are focused on the senate. Joe Manchin is a senator and is trying to participate in saving the senate for the democrats. Sinema hasn’t signed on to the IRA because the primary in AZ is tomorrow.

The key senate races to watch NV, CO, AZ, WI, OH, PA, NC, NH, GA, FL. Kyrsten Sinema took the seat from Martha McSally in 2018.

The media has gone crazy against the LIV Golf Event beauce it is a Saudi backed event. But this doesn’t bother them. The Saudis have a stake in Disney, facebook, starbucks, bank of america, berkshire hathaway, qualcomm, uber and others.

Joe has covid again. And has had a relapse. The Michigan event has been canceled. Wondering if he will have covid each time there is an election when he is to make an appearance.