99 days until election day. And that is when the republicans take back the majority of the house and we will see about the senate. And no one really knows what the results will be in GA .

Election day tomorrow in WA, AZ, KS, MO, MI

Trader Joe Manchin the Trader Joe of the moment. He had zero problem looking at the camera lying to the American people. He does a full Ginsberg by insisting the new spending bill will NOT raise taxes (but refused to back Biden for a second term)/. Where are all the fact checkers? He went to all five major news networks over the weekend. At no time could he say that he wanted democrats to win and joe biden run for re-election in 2024.

Talk about June Krise about Stacey Abrams north GA tour and if the democrats can siphon enough votes in north GA to put Abrams over the top.

Joene from the all star political panel about Trader Joe and the student loan debt forgiveness plan that Biden has in place.

We do know that the Biden Crime family is the biggest crime case right now. There isn’t a comparison between the biden crime family and the jan 6 hearings.
They will throw the cards in the house. Don’t get over excited. We have reservations because the republicans are getting excited over the house a little too excited. They are trying to save the senate by saying that Americans want a split congress.

Tudor Dixon is probably going to be the republican candidate tomorrow. Has gotten the trump endorsement.

Joe and Mika have surfaced. Trump backed candidates lead top az primary races.
Top election officials’ races feature deniers of the 2020 results.

Steven Kornacki at the big board on MSNBC. The saving of the senate. This goes right in line with all that we have talked about. Democrats are hoping that they are to keep the senate. Republicans need a net gain of 1 to take the senate. The two most likely states that will go republican are AZ and GA but they both went for Biden in 2020 by razor thin margins.

They are out there talking about Joe Biden’s win with Joe Manchin. Krysten Siinema hasn’t signed on there yet. AZ has their primary Tuesday where they are electing Trump backed Gov, SOS and Senate.

You will hear for the next 99 days. You will hear about Biden’s win and his landmark wins with just a 50-50 Senate. All to save the senate.

If you look at the scenario democrats could keep the senate. If you notice in the entire report no discussion about the house. Democrats have pushed the chips in on the House. Pelosi will retire soon with all the money they have taken from the American people. They are going to push for a split congress.

They are saying that Trump is the one that is risking all the republicans taking the Senate.

Have they locked up Spam and put it behind the counter because of shoplifting.

Trans cheerleader is given assault citation after “choking out teammate who called her a man with a penis at cheer camp.

Joe biden is still testing positive for covid his doctor says after the president returned to work less than 1 week after initial

Ted cruz shares clips of Bill Clinton acknowledging something that Biden won’t: that recession is two quarters of negative gdp growth as 95% of voters say inflation affects how they’ll cast their midterm ballot.

Their plan is to say we passed an inflation reduction act. We are trying to do something and republicans won’t give you their plan to make the corrections and get the growth back where it needs to be.

He hasn’t campaigned anywhere. He didn’t go to PA. GA. AZ. MI. They can’t campaign but the media is going everything they can to help until Fedderman in PA can get back on his campaign trail after having a stroke.