August 27th is the Pickens County Tomato Sandwich Picnic. The tomatoes are homegrown and not imported.

The rural north GA tour that Stacey Abrams went on and now Governor Kemp is going to Toccoa, Clayton, Blairsville.

Tonight is the Pickens County Board of Election meeting. Tonight on Voice of Rural America facebook page. The board of elections will give the reason why they don’t have the county attorney who will not be writing the court order. The Board of Election voted 3-1 to write the court order to tell the judge that they want to audit the ballots of the Governor’s race and the Secretary of State race. BKP will have a full report tomorrow.

Cherokee County their Board of Elections voted down the audit. The attorney threatened the board with a $5000 fine if they did the audit.

The lawsuit that a resident voter will go to court on September 19. Pickens county will make a motion to deny the request with no trial. The same attorney from Pickens County that was supposed to write the court order for the ballot audit is the same attorney that is going to be asking the judge to deny the trial for the ballot audit. When you figure out why the ballots are so holy and you can’t take a look at it, let BKP know.

Its election day in AZ, MI, MO, KS. The house is a done deal. But be careful it is not a done deal. BKP will be listening to the democrat and will report the evil they are planning. Until then we have to quit saying that the house is a lock. We have to make sure that we don’t give up the pressure to have a landslide in the House.

Senate races to watch are OH(R)> WI(R)< NC(R)< GA(D)> FL(R)> NH(D)> PA(R)> AZ(D)> NV(D)> CO(D). AZ has done the best investigation into the 2020 election. They are asking the questions and aren’t giving up.

Kelly is running for Senate in AZ. Schumer is running the Inflation act for a vote this week in the Senate. But no one has heard from Sinema. They (Kelly and Sinema) know and can’t talk about the truth in AZ. If she votes yes she could hurt Kellys chances to get reelected. Manchin and Schumer didn’t invite Sinema into the deal for the Inflation Reduction Act. Why was she not invited to the meeting? The democrats need 50 votes and the 2 people that were most likely to push back on you are Manchin and Sinema, why wasn’t she included. BKP thinks that the election has something to do with it. On the Governor ticket in AZ you have Kari Lake that is Trump endorsed and has a commanding lead. Robson, supported by Pence, is going against Lake tonight. Kari Lake is a true candidate in AZ and doesn’t pause and stumble and try to get all political when discussing the issues. Kari Lake will be a Trump win tonight if it holds.

Masters will go against Mark Kelly – democrat. Masters is a Trump endorsed candidate. Masters is another win if it holds for Trump.

Democrats are going all over saying that Trump is getting people elected that will help him take the election. AZ has 3 Trump endorsed candidates Masters, Lake, and Finchem (SOS). GA is the story of how the RINOs got the best of MAGA.
Tonight is also the MI election for governor for Tudor Dixon. Tudor Dixon was endorsed by Trump.

Trump could come out a big winner tonight.