They want to attract independent voters with the Ronald Reagan comparison.
We have to win the Senate. 98 days to win the Senate.
Question: When is the last thing the government told you that you feel you can trust. What is the last thing that the deep state corporate corrupt media has reported that you can trust? As BKP analyzes reports the question is what is the media trying to get me to believe.
The top story is the drone strike of the Al Qaeda leader. Why today is the story released today? The strike was done on Friday night. Why the delay in reporting? It is a set up news cycle. What to trust here in the reporting. The US has been looking for this guy since 2001, 21 years that the CIA and intelligence couldn’t find him during this time. And that the men and women who lost their lives with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. They want you to believe that it wasn’t until last Friday that he was found.
They need a couple of wins going into november. They need to make it look like Joe Biden is lucid. That hte is paying attention, that he is competent. And that when he looks far away he is actually engaged. Is the reporting supposed to make us believe that Joe is in control and bring the democrats home. And that Joe is doing what it takes to get inflation under control. Even Brett Baier says Biden had a couple of good weeks. What are they trying to get you to believe?
“We will find you and take you out”… at the appropriate time. The Most wanted terrorist, US kills al qaeda leader in drone strike. Do they want you to believe the CIA, the same CIA that called Hunter BIden’s laptop Russian propaganda and election metalling? Most of those members that are on the letter saying that it is russian propaganda are the same mbmerb that have been looking for this guy since 2001. The same national intelligence that Colin Powell said that the weapons of mass destruction are buried in the sand. No way does this increase the trust of the media. Biden says there is clear evidence and the launch was on Friday night. And today 98 days before an election and a heated primary race today in AZ.
Everything the media puts out is a clear and present danger to this country right now. They are methodically timing out stories. They are trying to control your mind and get you to play along. That Biden is an independent and a moderate and lucid and engaged and you and I are wrong when it comes to Joe and he is checked out upstairs.
What’s in the book bags? A Guest coming on the show tomorrow will give us some information about the schools this year. Is there a teacher out there that introduces themselves with pronouns? The guest will discuss what is in the papers that the students will be bringing home to be signed by the parents.
How did we get to a guy that had a stroke and a pothead that is leading the polls. John Fetterman is about as crazy as they come. He is the PA Lt. Governor, he hasn’t done any campaigning, only 2 fundraisers behind closed doors. Only releasing 2 minute videos. Then there is Dr, OZ out on the campaign trail 14 hours a day. He is talking to people everywhere. How is Oz down by almost 9 points to the stroked out Fetterman.